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Welcome to Wickliffe Los Angeles

Dwyne Wickliffe Designer Los Angeles 

My name is Dwyne K. Wickliffe, Jr. and I'm the designer behind the curation of styles and fashions found here at Wickliffe Los Angeles.
Here, I bring to you a collection of styles created to inspire and enhance your authentic style and confidence.

With the help of Los Angeles based factories dedicated to quality and style, we hope to bring to your wardrobe eye-catching styles you'll love to wear and style for years to come because your style and comfort is important to us and you love to inspire great style just as much as we do.
Since I was a young fashionisto who experimented and evolved my style throughout the years, I've always loved creating fashions that inspired confidence. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, also known as FIDM, was where my career in fashion had begun. Throughout the years since graduating FIDM, I've worked for various apparel manufacturers and designers as a Technical Designer on luxury and well-established brands, labels, and companies.
Everything you'll find here at Wickliffe Los Angeles is for your style and confidence. So enjoy taking a look around and spoiling yourself a little.

Feel free to send myself and the team a quick hello via instagram or facebook!
With Love, Style, and Confidence,
Dwyne K. Wickliffe, Jr.


We're all about style...

We're all about creating clothing that makes you look great and feel confident. Whether you are off to meet friends for drinks, jet-setting around the world, or simply going about your day, we've got you covered in stylish and eye-catching styles that get you noticed. The styles we design for you will give you the comfort and style you desire to always look your best.

Proudly made in the USA...

We're proud to say that all of our styles are designed and made with style and care in Los Angeles, CA. We are passionate about creating locally made styles with the best quality materials sourced from around the world. With the help of some of the best Los Angeles based factories, we are able to create styles that you'll be proud to have a part of your stylish wardrobe.

We've got your back...

You desire the best styles with the best service. We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with responsive and helpful customer service. If you encounter an issue with any of our styles please feel free to drop us a line. Rest assured that we will find a solution to make things right for you.

More about us...

Wickliffe Los Angeles is a curation of modern luxury clothing designed by american designer Dwyne K. Wickliffe, Jr. 

Inspired by classic silhouettes with forward thinking designs, Dwyne creates progressive and authentic modern luxury styles that elevate the human form.

Since 2012, the Wickliffe Los Angeles brand continues to harness appreciation of fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Wickliffe collections are currently available online at

Luxury Clothing Designed and Made in Los Angeles, CA.


Designer of Wickliffe Los Angeles:
Dwyne K. Wickliffe, Jr.


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