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Just received the black jersey leather tank top yesterday. I’m large guy 34 waist 42 chest and the large size fits amazing. Not too tight but form fitting. I feel this tank will look great on almost any guy; looks great on me. Can’t wait to rock it this weekend. Thanks so much Dwyne, I love your style.

-Rob M. // Reseda, CA

I discovered Wickliffe on Instagram and instantly fell in love with this shirt! I generally do not buy clothes online because I am very particular about the fit of the shirts I buy. After contacting Dwyne through Instagram, I asked him about the size that would be best for me if I were to purchase the shirt. I was messaged back within minutes and he personally helped me pick the size that would be right for me. I was given an order number, tracking number, and the estimated time that it would arrive (which arrived 3 days before I was expecting it). The shirt fit amazing and I also got a personal letter from Dwyne thanking me for my purchase. The customer service was the best I have ever received from online and this has become my new favorite shirt. I highly recommend this company (5 stars)! You will not only love the clothes, but will also know that they take a great deal of pride in ensuring the satisfaction of their customers!

– Micah L. // Augusta, GA 

If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be style. But I'm not just talking about style, as in the way it looks. I'm also talking about style in the sense of the way you feel when you wear it. How comfortable it feels on your body. And how unique the cut and lines are. Definitely one of my favorite shirts! Highly recommended.

– Travis R. // Los Angeles, CA

Wow. I love the feel, style and QUALITY. To my great pleasure…this shirt takes 10lbs off me right away! Not to sound TOO vain…but it's nice to get compliments from girls and guys who tell me how good I look when I'm wearing this shirt. Wearing a Wickliffe shirt makes you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside! Bravo to the designer! Keep on creating great quality, stylish, feel good clothes. Look forward to my next purchase!

– Carl B. // Encino, CA

Not only do I love the fit of this shirt, but I love the lightweight material (perfect for summer!). I also love that the shirt is simple yet sophisticated and not at all boring.

-Brandon T. // Los Angeles, CA

I am highly pleased with this shirt. I expected a lot, and very little to be sure. The material is perfect - light and nearly not-there. Very breathable. And the pattern is splendid. Collar and sleeves A+. I did not want material that was too clingy, or staticky. This tee satisfies all my style needs in ready to wear. Also, I am now a true fan of WLA and will continue my shopping experience with Dwyne.

-Jozef R. // Pueblo, CO 

I just got this shirt today! I love how well-designed and high-fashion it is. The side zippers can be worn unzipped for an unexpected effect. The design and symmetry are expertly tailored to perfection. I HIGHLY recommend this piece if you're looking to stand out from the crowd.

- Lap L // San Diego, CA 

This is my 2nd purchase from this seller. Easy transaction. More sellers should take note from this company. Hands down, this guy has the most superb customer service of all my online shopping experiences; and I shop online a lot. I'm very pleased. The quality, packaging, shipping are flawless. Thanks for the extra gift and personalized note in this order. Much appreciated!

-James W. // Tallahassee, FL

 Beautifully made and well designed shirt. Mr. Wickliffe was helpful and gracious. My chest size is 42/43. I ordered the XL. It has a Goldilocks fit. Not too tight, not too loose, just right. The other thing I like about the shirt is the length in the body. It's long enough to stay tucked-in, but the side slits allow it to lay nicely and not bunch up when worn untucked.

-TJ, Palm // Springs, CA

Exceptionally nice-looking shirt; the grosgrain folded-texture bands on the arms and extra-long placket make it look special (not at all the run-of-the-mill department store shirt). Nicely shaped - just right. XS size fits my spouse nicely - tall, thin, slight frame, athletic build. Soft, lightweight, breathable fabric, great for hot summer wear or layered in spring/fall. This soft cotton fabric did not shrink at all on first wash (cool water, gentle cycle, hang to dry). 

-Rachel S. // Atlanta, GA  

After doing a "field test", many of my friends asked me where to purchase this fine piece of work. It fits like a glove, made with top notch materials but mostly people like the subtle design but stands out in the crowd. A really exquisite piece of shirt. Well done!

-Gusti D. // JakartaIndonesia 

Wonderful materials and awesome needlework, all done with great attention to detail. Hands down my new favorite t-shirt!

-Raoul S. K. // GöteborgSweden


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